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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3 in a row

whoooohoooo 3 days ina row!

My brother sounds like he is feeling better. He is snapping he wants to come home.

And just to let  u know i did get my flowers cleaned up on this wonderful day! I also mowed the entire front yard. i know im going to b paying for that tomorrow.  I am to get pepper at 1030 am so im going to call it a night early....Night

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Surprised? Im writing 2 days in a row!!Blogger is cheaper than a therapist right?  Brent didnt get to come home again tonight.They want his kidney functions up a bit more. So he is planning on coming home on Thur.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 73 so im hoping I can work on cleaning up my flowers.i have failed miserably this year. I have been pulled in so many directions since before summer began, I shouldnt have even tried.

Im sitting here in bed with the pups layin all around,knowing i should b going to sleep now but the wheels are still spinning.

I need to go back to work, need the money and something else to keep me occupied. I need to get back in touch with nature to help boost my faith back to where it needs to be. I need to go see my granddaughter!Her mom isnt returning my or kotys calls or messages it seems.....

Well Im gonna call it a nite on here before I blather on and on....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello again

Evening.... Sorry i havent been on, trying to get my head clear again,and its possing to b an issue. Sorry about the writing taking the easy road.

Brent is still n st louis, in renal failure. Chemo is not being kind to my little brother is all i can say. Its hard for me to talk about whats going on with him this late at night, so i will try to catch u up another time....gotta keep the mind quiet to get any rest it seems.

I have irritated my sciatic so sitting here is painful but standing,laying and walking hurts too so I think I will just stay sitting...L  Wed it is tobe a high of like  70 so I plan on working in my flower garden. It hhs  gone rogue with all that has gone on this summer. I lost my entire garden because I have been too busy with everyone and thing else..

I thiink I am gonna watch the rest if Julie & Julia and call it a nite.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Well so much has gone on since I have posted last.... and none of it great.

My baby brother was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. He has Sarcoma. It is in his leg and they are pretty sure he is going to loose his leg.... He has lost well over 100lbs so far, and still has a hell of a struggle ahead of him.  I am his caretaker when he has to go to St.Louis for chemo.  We spend 3 days down there, about 27 hrs of chemo in total. The chemo went terribly wrong. He had agreed to a trial med  on top of the regular chemo, and he had some nasty adverse reactions to it.  I watched him go from my 35yr old brother to an infant in the matter of a few minutes, and it lasted several days... I was terrified. He wasnt in hospital after the chemo, just during, we were on our own to deal with the nastiness... It wasnt easy but we did it.   We made it home.  The morning after we got into town we found that the chemo nurse forgot to remove the plug to his port in his chest, so we had to rush to an oncologist to have them remove it.... *Rolling eyes*  

Well he finally got to go home to his house day before yesterday, and its so hard to not just run over there everytime I hear him sad.  *sigh*

 Well I am going to find something to do around here to keep myself busy with miss Pepper...

Talk to you soon, and probably alot more often..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

well hell........

I cant catch a break. I was supposed to have a few days to myself to relax and just mellow and I have failed at it miserably. Work has gone shitty, and my time at home has been just as bad.I will be back to having pepper 3/4 a day as of tomorrow night. So there goes a bit of my free time. I have to work tomorrow night 3-9 and I so havent had any down time.

I just need me time. I need to get myself back together. Mentally Im spent, from my hands failing, to feeling more and more pain every day.

I want to get my flowers in the ground and get them going so that I have something to look forward to early this summer. And still nothing.

I want my garden tilled and I still havent been able to find someone to do so I can get my garden started.

I want to get my craft room together and my office space straightened out and organized, I need my hidey spot. I need my place to escape.

ok I vented....L

Talk soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grumble grumble....

Wow great! How are ya?

Well I got a new pc yesterday, "Thank you Pumpkin". and now I am fighting with getting my Sims to run ... hence the grumble grumble... I was on the phone with customer support for 2 hrs and got absolutely no where.... Ill be damned if I loose the ability to play this game I have spent hundreds of dollars on.

Pepper did great with my SIL watching her today so I could go to work, but she refused a nap, so in the middle of dinner she passed out in her chair... Its early but she is whiped out... so no sleep for me tonight hu???

Hope things start looking up shortly!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Long time no see blog~!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted... I have had a whirlwind of a year and ready to try to get back to normal~ PepperAnn is staying with me while her mom recovers from surgery, it will be about a month.. So between her and work and home I am a busy bee.  I wanted to drop in, say hello and I hope to be back to write soon!~

"Papaw" and PepperAnn getting ready for night night!