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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grumble grumble....

Wow great! How are ya?

Well I got a new pc yesterday, "Thank you Pumpkin". and now I am fighting with getting my Sims to run ... hence the grumble grumble... I was on the phone with customer support for 2 hrs and got absolutely no where.... Ill be damned if I loose the ability to play this game I have spent hundreds of dollars on.

Pepper did great with my SIL watching her today so I could go to work, but she refused a nap, so in the middle of dinner she passed out in her chair... Its early but she is whiped out... so no sleep for me tonight hu???

Hope things start looking up shortly!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Long time no see blog~!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted... I have had a whirlwind of a year and ready to try to get back to normal~ PepperAnn is staying with me while her mom recovers from surgery, it will be about a month.. So between her and work and home I am a busy bee.  I wanted to drop in, say hello and I hope to be back to write soon!~

"Papaw" and PepperAnn getting ready for night night!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Well today has been a day. Hub got bad news about his heart, works a bit iffy right now, I miss my little pepper, and worried about my friends and family. I'm trying so hard to go to sleep but my mind won't stop racing... I just so need to sleep reset and start over In the morning. I'm glad I found out I can blog via my phone now. When I have a viable thought I can well gonna try to sleep yet again 6 comes too darn early.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello hello hello.......

How is the summer going for everyone? Great I hope...

After finally learning to let go of years of emotional baggage, I can honestly say "damn, why did I hold on to that shit for so long???"  I have learned that not everything that goes on in the universe is my problem, and to those that would like to blame me or hold it against me, well they can just ....... ummm.... go away.

Spent yesterday sitting by the mighty Mississippi, drowning some worms, and soaking up some Vit D. It was nice! Today tho I am miserable from too much sun but Ill take what I get, as long as I had a nice time, Ill cope....

Not sure what to do today besides NOT be outside, but Im sure Ill find something...:)

Have a good one!~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I saw my little Pepper

I went and saw my special girl today, MissPepper was a little sleepy and grumpy but I didnt mind, I love spending every minute I do with her....

I love you PepperAnn.

My Apologies.....

Turning a corner in my life starts with one step at a time.  Never being known to take tiny steps with anything, this is my first step.

I am a piece of shit. Gloria Reiser, Josephine Miller, and everyone else I have ever offended, let down, or hurt.... I am publicly announcing this so that you will know that I know I am an imperfect human with faults. I can only apologize so much or so many times for not being what you think I should be. Im sorry MOM for not being perfect or exactly what you hoped I would be, Im sorry Chris Kris and Koty that I wasnt a perfect mom, and Im sorry Sondra that Im just not good enough. Im sorry Candy for letting you take the blame when we were kids, and Im sorry Brent for getting you shit faced and sending you home as a young kid to deal with mom and dad. Im sorry Doc for not being the greatest wife, in perfect health, Im sorry to my government for being a drain and not able to work. Im sorry established faith systems for failing to be a sheeple. I cant carry with me the guilt, or feelings of embarrassment, or humiliation anymore that comes with all of these needed apologies, the weight of them all have just been too much. I cant change the things in my past, I can only apologize and move on from them, carrying this pain, embarassment, and guilt has only warn me down faster than this life does on its own. After today, its now yours to do with what you wish. Accept it or dont, these things are no longer my burdens to bare.